Re-kindling stories from other nights, Diana Gomez invites us into a world of debauchery through her heavily staged photographs. Sex, drugs and rock and roll play along with the stare of a woman that looks at you directly in the eye. Welcome to The Art of Elysium, if you are here you know what we are talking about.

It is not a coincidence that Diana decided to host her FREE WOMEN show at The Art of Elysium Salon walls , in the freedom of this space, in a territory confined to the artistic souls. A woman submerged in her own thoughts as she crouches down under a rainbow light opens Diana´s photographic display, then lifting her skirt inviting you to get loose, to don´t care, to live your life following your own rules. Diana´s arresting images are then scattered all over the playground. 

Smokey eyes, manicured nails, free nipples and latex, leather and frills, this is the expression of a woman that is comfortable and triumphant in her own skin. Placed at the centre of every image borrowing the language of a fashion portrait, each photograph was conceived under the attentive gaze of a creator who embraces female form in her compositions, as emphasising on female pleasuring, empowerment and liberty.

FREE WOMEN is inspired by Diana's charismatic, colourful and passionate narratives, biographical tales of wild nights, blurry mornings and sexual encounters. It is all played by models directed in a carefully produced environment. For Diana, her studio practice is as important as the final result. The connection between the subject and her camera, the energy emanating from the echo of her own secrets, victories and emotions, all purred into the women idealised in front of her. 

Diana Gomez was born in Venezuela, surrounded by voices that never hide the truth, mountains shaped as watermelons and the scent of salty skin under a floaty dress. In Latin America, women paint their nails in bright colours, ornate their ears from the second they leave their mother´s womb and move their hips to the rhythm of an amalgamate of sounds. This is the world that inhabits Diana Gomez in her psyche and pushes throughout as she conceives the stories to pleasure your soul.  

Diana Gomez Dinner Invite.jpg